Cover of CCTP Strategic Plan, Final Report U.S. Climate Change Technology Program Strategic Plan
New: Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Reducing Technology Deployment Activities: A web-based, interactive database of United States Government policies and measures that encourage the adoption and diffusion of best practices and the commercialization and deployment of greenhouse gas (GHG)-reducing technologies [Exit Disclaimer]

Strategies to Promote Commercialization and Deployment of GHG Intensity -- Reducing Technologies and Practices: This report systematically examines the market readiness of key technologies important to meeting climate change mitigation goals. It assesses the barriers and business risks impeding their progress to greater market application and takes stock of an array of existing Federal policies and measures to address these concerns. It identifies gaps and opportunities for future policy formulation aimed at accelerating their commercialization and deployment.

Assessing Economic Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Summary of a Workshop: This report summarizes the proceedings of a workshop, sponsored by the U.S. Climate Change Technology Program, and held jointly by the National Academies and PI's Office of Climate Change Policy and Technology in October 2008. The report synthesizes views and commentary of established experts on the economic impacts of proposed policies related to mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and on ways to improve such information for decision-makers.

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