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Updated 18 July 2008

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Agency Name and
Selected Examples of Climate Change-Related
Technology R&D Activities

Department of Agriculture
Carbon Fluxes in Soils, Forests and Other Vegetation, Carbon Sequestration, Nutrient Management, Cropping Systems, Forest and Forest Products Management, Livestock, and Waste Management, Biomass Energy and Bio-based Products Development

Department of Commerce (DOC) including:
Instrumentation, Standards, Ocean Sequestration, Decision Support Tools

Department of Defense

Aircraft, Engines, Fuels, Trucks, Equipment, Power, Fuel Cells, Lasers, Energy Management, Basic Research

Department of Energy

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Fission and Fusion, Fossil Fuels and Power, Carbon Sequestration, Basic Energy Sciences, Hydrogen, Electric Grid and Infrastructure

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) including:
Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, Genome Sequencing, Health Effects

Department of the Interior

Land, Forest, and Prairie Management, Mining, Sequestration, Geothermal, Terrestrial Sequestration Technology Development

Department of State (DOS) including:

International Science and Technology Cooperation, Oceans, Environment

International Assistance, Technology Deployment, Land Use, Human Impacts

Department of Transportation

Aviation, Highways, Rail, Freight, Maritime, Urban Mass Transit, Transportation Systems, Efficiency and Safety

Environmental Protection Agency

Mitigation of CO2 and Non-CO2 GHG Emissions through Voluntary Partnership Programs, including Energy STAR, Climate Leaders, Green Power, Combined Heat and Power, State and Local Clean Energy, Methane and High-GWP Gases, and Transportation; GHG Emissions Inventory

National Aeronautics & Space Administration

Earth Observations, Measuring, Monitoring, Aviation Equipment, Operations and Infrastructure Efficiency

National Science Foundation

Geosciences, Oceans, Nanoscale Science and Engineering, Computational Sciences

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