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Updated 14 July 2008

CCTP Executive Direction


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CCTP exercises executive direction through the Cabinet-level Committee on Climate Change Science and Technology Integration (CCCSTI), and its associated Interagency Working Group on Climate Change Science and Technology (IWG-CCST).

The IWG-CCST is comprised of agency deputies who can adopt and implement plans and actions coordinated by the Group.  The IWG-CCST also provides guidance on strategy and reviews and approves CCTP strategic planning documents.

A CCTP Steering Group comprised of senior-level representatives from each participating Federal agency provides a venue for agencies to raise and resolve issues regarding CCTP and its functions as a facilitating and coordinating body.  It also assists the CCTP Director in accessing needed information and resources within each agency.  The Steering Group assists in developing agency budget crosscuts and proposals, conveying information and actions back to the agencies, and supporting the CCTP mission.  In addition, it ensures that consistent guidance and direction is given to the six CCTP Working Groups, and it helps formulate recommendations and advice to the CCCSTI through the IWG-CCST.


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