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Updated 14 July 2008

CCTP Interagency Planning and Integration


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Six multi-agency CCTP Working Groups (WGs), aligned with the six CCTP strategic goals, are primarily responsible for carrying out the missions and staff functions of CCTP in a coordinated manner. 

The WGs are assisted by subgroups, as appropriate, and by technical staff drawn from participating agencies, affiliated laboratories and facilities, and other available consulting staff.  The WGs are expected to:

  • Serve as the principal means for interagency deliberation and development of CCTP plans and priorities and for the formulation of guidance for supporting analyses in their respective areas;
  • Provide a forum for exchange of inputs and information relevant to planning processes, including workshops and other meetings;
  • Engage, cooperate with, and coordinate inputs from relevant agencies;
  • Identify ongoing R&D activities and gaps, needs, and opportunities for the near and long term;
  • Support relevant interaction with CCSP science studies and analyses;
  • Formulate advice and recommendations to present to the IWG and CCCSTI; and
  • Assist in preparing periodic reports to Cabinet members and the President.


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