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Updated 1 December, 2003

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November 2003

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Under President Bush's leadership, the U.S. is now embarked on a long-term challenge, guided and paced by science, to explore and develop innovative and advanced climate change technologies. These technologies are expected to make a significant contribution to meeting the President's climate change goals, near- and long-term. President Bush made a commitment to pursue a sensible, science-based approach to climate change and build on America's capacity to innovate and develop technology. The President directed Federal agencies to apply their R&D resources to both the science and the technology. He established a new Cabinet-level management structure to guide and oversee this multi-agency effort. He directed his Cabinet Secretaries to enhance international collaboration, which has resulted in several bold new initiatives.

These actions, illuminated further by the projects highlighted in this report, signal a serious, long-term commitment to move forward in addressing climate change. They evidence strong Federal leadership in engaging America's research enterprise to spur innovation. Focused Federal investments can help bring about revolutionary technologies that will lead to dramatically reduced GHG emissions.

The Climate Change Technology Program continues to coordinate R&D efforts among all the participating Federal agencies and to help identify priority areas. As reflected in this report, there are a number of promising, cutting-edge technologies already well underway in today's U.S. climate change technology portfolio. From these R&D investments, undertaken in partnership with others, opportunities will arise to fundamentally transform and dramatically improve our 21st century energy system, with significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions as the result.


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