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Updated 1 December, 2003

Research and Current Activities


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November 2003

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Cover of report on Research and Current Activities.  Credits: US President George W. Bush Speaks About Hydrogen Fuel Cells, (c)CORBIS; Earth, (c)First Light/CORBIS; Oil Refinery Lit up at Night, (c)Royalty-Free/CORBIS; Windmills, U.S. Department of Energy; Reflectors at Solar Plant in Warner Springs, California, U.S. Department of Energy; Gold reflections off of Parabolic Mirrors used to focus energy, U.S. Department of Energy; New York at Night, U.S. Department of Energy; Transmission Towers and Power Lines, (c)PictureNet / CORBIS; Farms and Contour Strip Farming, (c)Royalty-Free/CORBIS; Nuclear Power Plant, U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Secretary Abraham testing a General Motors HyWire fuel cell vehicle, U.S. Department of Energy.

Letter to the Reader


Reducing Emissions from Energy End-Use and Infrastructure

Reducing Emissions from Energy Supply

Capturing and Sequestering Carbon Dioxide

Reducing Emissions of Other Greenhouse Gases

Enhancing Capabilities to Measure and Monitor GHG Emissions


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