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November 2003

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Cover Page: US President George W. Bush Speaks About Hydrogen Fuel Cells, (c)CORBIS; Earth, (c)First Light/CORBIS; Oil Refinery Lit up at Night, (c)Royalty-Free/CORBIS; Windmills, U.S. Department of Energy; Reflectors at Solar Plant in Warner Springs, California, U.S. Department of Energy; Gold reflections off of Parabolic Mirrors used to focus energy, U.S. Department of Energy; New York at Night, U.S. Department of Energy; Transmission Towers and Power Lines, (c)PictureNet / CORBIS; Farms and Contour Strip Farming, (c)Royalty-Free/CORBIS; Nuclear Power Plant, U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Secretary Abraham testing a General Motors HyWire fuel cell vehicle, U.S. Department of Energy.

Page 1: US-Bush-Energy, (c)ARP/CORBIS

Page 4: US President George W. Bush Releases National Energy Report to America While in Minnesota, (c)CORBIS

Page 5: Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) Philip Merrill Environmental Center, NREL, Williamson, Robb; View of Northeastern USA Blackout, August 14, 2003, at 9:03 pm, NOAA/DMSP; Transmission Towers and Power Lines, (c)PictureNet/CORBIS

Page 6: HyWire, GM Fuel Cell Car, General Motors Corporation; 5kW Fuel Cell Manufactured by PlugPower (large cell), 25 watt Fuel Cell (three cell stack) Manufactured by H2Economy (smaller silver cell), 30 watt Cell Manufactured by Avista Labs, NREL, Stiveson, Matt; A Prototype Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus (by ISE Research, Thor Industries and UTC Fuel Cells) at SunLine Transit Agency, NREL, SunLine Transit Agency

Page 7: Energy Efficient Housing at the Civano Development in Tucson, Arizona, NREL, James, George; CLOSEUP VIEW OF A LEDS substrate, Sandia National Laboratories, Randy Montoya; High Temperature Superconductor YBCO TAPE, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Page 9: Sacramento Municipal Utility District's (SMUD) Photovoltaic Array with Nuclear Cooling Towers in the Background, NREL, Gretz, Warren; Turbine Installation at the Nine Canyon Wind Project; Largest Wind Farm to be Built in Washington State, NREL, Energy Northwest; The Wabash River Coal Gasification Repowering Project, General Energy and Cinergy

Page 10: FutureGen Power Plant, U.S. Department of Energy; Hydrogen Fueling Dispenser at the Las Vegas Energy Station, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Page 11: The SECA 3-10 Kilowatt Building Block, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Fuel Cell Stack, U.S. Department of Energy

Page 12: U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, U.S. Department of Energy; GEN IV Nuclear Reactor Design, U.S. Department of Energy

Page 13: ITER - Fusion Process Machines, ITER/Princeton; Wyoming Wind Farm, Road, NREL, Eugene Water and Electric Board; PV Integrated into a Solar Awning over a Back Porch in California, NREL, AstroPower

Page 14: Switchgrass Crop, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Hampton, Brett; DNA Analysis of Soil Microbes, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Advanced Plant Growth, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Page 15: Corn Field Next to a Nuclear Power Plant, (c)CORBIS

Page 17: Farms and Contour Strip Farming, (c)Royalty-Free/CORBIS; Powerplant Smoke Stacks, (c)Royalty-Free/CORBIS

Page 18: Oil Refinery Lit Up at Night, (c)Royalty-Free/CORBIS

Page 22: Thermal Oxidation of Ventilation Air Methane Using Megtec's Flow Reversal Reactor at CONSOL Energy, BHP Billiton Ltd; Alternative Cover Gas Technology, 3M TM Performance Materials Division

Page 23: Satellite Transmission to the World, (c)Colin Anderson/CORBIS

Page 24: LIBS: Carbon Measurement Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Ameriflux Towers, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Page 25: Computer Art Image of Satellite, (c)Royalty-Free/CORBIS; Measurement and Monitoring Systems, U.S. Department of Energy.

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