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Updated 21 November 2006

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Testimony of Stephen D. Eule (Director, Climate Change Technology Program, U.S. Department of Energy) before the U.S. Congress, House of Representatives (posted 22 November 2006):

U.S. Approach to Climate Change [PDF version of MS Powerpoint file; 4.2 Mb]. Presentation by Dr. Robert C. Marlay (U.S. Department of Energy) at Addressing Climate Change -- A German-American Dialogue, an event sponsored by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies. The event was held at the Climate Institute, Washington, DC, on 26 October 2006.  Also available as MS Powerpoint file [11.9 Mb] (posted 21 November 2006)

Cover of CCTP Strategic Plan, Final ReportU.S. Climate Change Technology Program Strategic Plan.  See also press release. (posted 20 Sep 2006).

CCTP Strategic Plan Public Review Draft [PDF; 5.3 Mb]  Overview Presentation (dtd January 24, 2006) for U.S. Congress, Senate, Energy and Natural Resources Committee Staff. By David Conover, Director, U.S. Climate Change Technology Program U.S. Department of Energy. Also available as MS Powerpoint presentation (11.4 Mb). (posted 27 Jan 2006)


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