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Updated 21 December 2005

Strategic Plan of the U.S. Climate Change Technology Program.  Review Draft, 2005.  Click for larger image.

U.S. Climate Change Technology Program Strategic Plan
Comments on September 2005 Draft


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Lists of comments

Release of Public Comments on Draft Strategic Plan.  Announcement (dtd 21 Dec 2005)

List of Commenters

List of Supplemental documents submitted by commenters

Strategic Plan, Draft for Public Comment.  Review draft (dated September 2005).

DOE Releases Draft Strategic Plan for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Deployment of Advanced Technology.  Press release (dtd 22 September 2005) from U.S. Department of Energy.  (posted 22 September 2005)

Invitation to Review the Draft Strategic Plan

Instructions for Submission of comments.

[Note: With expiration of the public comment period, comments no longer are being accepted.]


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List of Commenters

This list also is available as PDF file.



Bernstein, Leonard

American Petroleum Institute

Caldeira, Ken

Department of Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution

Cunningham, Bill, President

Unions for Jobs and the Environment (UJAE)

Fang, William L., Eric Holdsworth

Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

Fulkerson, Bill

Joint Institute for Energy and Environment

Hoffert, Marty

New York University

Holliday, G.H.

Holliday Environmental Services, Inc.

Hoyte, Patricia A.; James D. Johnson

Caiteur Group, Inc.

Janke, Joel

Datapex Services, LLX

Kammen, Daniel M.; Gregory F. Nemet

University of California ,   Berkeley

Kelly, Carter Lee

Waste Management, Inc.

Kiser, Thomas

PSI, Inc.

Kraemer, Thomas A.


Kueter, Jeffrey

George Marshall Institute

Lane, Lee

Climate Policy Center

Lashof, Daniel A., Science Director, Climate Center

NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

Lê, Khanh

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

MacAdam, Scott

Clean Energy Systems, Inc.

Mazer, Marshall

The Babcock & Wilcox Company

Miller, Lance

Jersey Board of Public Utilities

Rau, Greg

Institute of Marine Sciences, LLNL

Romeri, Mario Valentino

Independent Expert

Satterfield, May Barclay

Princeton University, Chem. Eng.

Schoenfield, Mark ; Thomas Weber; Brian Patrick

Jupiter Oxygen Corporation

Schoenfield, Mark K.

Jupiter Oxygen Corporation

Schowalter, David G.

Fluent, Inc.

Shipiro, Sol

US Citizen

Steinberg, Meyer


Tolman , Chad A.

Coalition for Climate Change Study and Action, Citizens Alarmed About Global Warming

White, Dustin

City of San Francisco

Zebroski Edwin L. Ph.D.




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