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Updated 21 September 2005

U.S. Climate Change Technology Program Strategic Plan
Draft for Public Comment
September 2005



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Public Comments on Draft Strategic Plan (posted 21 Dec 2005; see announcement).

Instructions for Submission of comments

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[Note: With expiration of the public comment period, comments no longer are being accepted.]

Invitation to Review the Draft Strategic Plan
from David Conover
Director, U.S. Climate Change Technology Program
U.S. Department of Energy

[Note: With expiration of the public comment period, comments no longer are being accepted.]

The U.S. Climate Change Technology Program (CCTP) recently released its draft Strategic Plan for public review and comment.  The purpose of the CCTP is to accelerate the development and reduce the cost of new and advanced technologies that could avoid, reduce, or capture and store greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to U.S. climate change goals.  

The CCTP Strategic Plan provides overall guidance and strategic direction for the relevant research, development, demonstration and deployment (R&D) programs of as many as ten Federal agencies participating in the CCTP.   In FY 2005, CCTP-related programs included about $3 billion in Federal R&D investment. The Plan articulates a vision of the role for advanced technology in addressing climate change, defines a supporting mission for the multi-agency CCTP, establishes strategic direction and a framework of guiding principles for the Federal R&D agencies in formulating and carrying out the CCTP R&D portfolio, and outlines seven approaches for attaining six strategic goals.  

The Plan also outlines a century-long planning context, provides a synthesis assessment of long-term technology scenarios analyses, and highlights opportunities for technology contributions. Further, in each of major technology areas, the Plan lays out a series of underlying strategies for technical progress, characterizes the current R&D portfolio, and identifies potential directions for future research.   The Plan also highlights supporting roles for basic research.   The Plan concludes with a series of next steps for implementation.

CCTP requests your review of and comments on its draft Strategic Plan.   Comments from representatives of all communities are invited in order to improve and strengthen the Plan.   In your review, CCTP asks that you provide your perspective on the content, implications, and challenges outlined in the Plan, as well as any suggestions for alternative approaches you may wish to have considered by policy makers and resource managers.   CCTP asks that you comment on any inconsistencies within or across chapters, and/or omissions of important topics.  For any shortcomings that you may note in the draft, we ask that you propose specific remedies.  To participate in the review it is not necessary that you review the entire Plan

CCTP requests that your comments be submitted by 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 2, 2005.   Send comments by e-mail to CCTP_StratPlan_Review@  All comments submitted by the due date will be catalogued and posted on this web site for public review.   No comment will be attributed to any commenter, but CCTP intends to make available a list all commenters and their affiliations.   While CCTP is unable to promise detailed responses to individual comments, all submitted comments will be given due consideration during the development of the final version of the Strategic Plan.   The final Plan is expected in 2006. 

Before commenting, please read the instructions and format guidelines for submitting review comments.  Following the instructions will ensure that your comments are properly processed and given appropriate consideration.  If you wish to call attention to the Plan or distribute copies to colleagues inviting them to participate in the review, please refer them to this invitation and to the instructions and format guidelines. 

If you have any questions, please contact CCTP staff at:   If you need personal assistance, you may call Mr. Sid Anderson on the CCTP support team, at 202-586-0070, or submit queries by fax to CCTP at 202-586-5342.

David Conover
Director, U.S. Climate Change Technology Program
Office of Policy and International Affairs
U.S. Department of Energy
Washington , DC   20585

[Note: With expiration of the public comment period, comments no longer are being accepted.]

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