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Updated 16 September 2005

Vision and Framework for Strategy and Planning
Published August 2005




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In partnership with others, the United States has embarked on an ambitious undertaking to develop new and advanced climate change technologies that have the potential to transform the economic activities that give rise to GHG emissions. Innovations can be expected to change the ways in which the world produces and uses energy, performs industrial processes, grows crops and livestock, manages carbon dioxide, and uses land.

In keeping with U.S. climate change strategy, which is consistent with the United Nations’ Framework Convention, these technologies could both enable and facilitate a gradual shift toward significantly lower global GHG emissions. They would also continue to provide the energy-related and other services needed to spur and sustain economic growth.

With this Vision and Framework, CCTP completes an important first step. It articulates a vision for the role of advanced technology in addressing climate change concerns, defines a supporting mission for the multi-agency CCTP, establishes strategic direction for the Federal R&D portfolio within a framework of guiding principles, outlines the approaches to be employed in pursuing attainment of CCTP's six strategic goals, and identifies a series of next steps by which to effect progress on implementation. Importantly, it lays a foundation for a sustained Government-wide R&D coordination and planning that will endeavor to strengthen the U.S. research enterprise, stimulate innovation on a broad scale, both inside and outside the U.S. Government, and encourage others at home and abroad do the same.

With continued Presidential leadership, sustained Federal commitment, and effective CCTP coordination and management, this undertaking will accelerate innovation and increase the likelihood of timely progress. Such progress would go a long way toward securing a bright energy and economic future for our Nation, and for others, while ensuring a healthy planet for future generations.


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