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Updated 16 September 2005

Vision and Framework for Strategy and Planning
Published August 2005




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GM Concept Car, General Motors Corporation


Wind Farm: Courtesy GE Energy, (c) 2005, General Electric International, Inc.



Sunline Hydrogen and Hythane dispenser: Courtesy of DOE/NREL, Credit – Kevin Chandler

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Vision and Mission

The CCTP strives, through the R&D programs of its participating agencies, to provide Federal leadership in climate change technology development. Through its plans, partnerships, and research progress, the CCTP hopes to stimulate innovation more broadly, outside the Federal community, and inspire private sector interest and enhanced international cooperation in the global quest to develop, commercialize and employ such technology to reduce GHG emissions. Accordingly, the vision and mission of the CCTP are as follows.

CCTP Vision

The CCTP vision is to attain on a global scale, in partnership with others, a technological capability that can provide abundant, clean, secure, and affordable energy and related services needed to encourage and sustain economic growth, while simultaneously achieving substantial reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases and mitigating the risks of potential climate change.


CCTP Mission

The CCTP mission is to stimulate and strengthen the scientific and technological enterprise of the United States, through improved coordination and prioritization of multi-agency Federal climate change technology R&D programs and investments, and to provide global leadership, in partnership with others, aimed at accelerating development of new and advanced technologies that can attain the CCTP vision.


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